Wool Hooded Sweater

   Wool is a nice material for sweaters with a hood. It is often chosen for workout and casual wear, since it will give easily with the movements of the wearer. Wool is typically made from threads, which makes it plushy, easy to care for, and affordable. It may also be made from artificial materials, such as lycra threads – it depends on the manufacturer and the intended use. To make the fabric a uniquely stretchy and flexible knit elastic threads are used. People like wool sweaters with a hood very much due to their comfort and colors or styles.
   Some people consider wool as the best fabric for knitting hooded sweaters, since it is extremely soft to the touch and it often has a faint shimmer, since the nap fluctuates as it moves, reflecting ambient light. Others prefer velour or velvet due to color. In fact, the fabrics are so different from each other than these comparisons are somewhat unfair, since each has unique strengths and weaknesses. While knitting a sweater with a hood one can use any wool threads that can hide his/her imperfections. Thus, combining different fabric for knitting a sweater with a hood a woman or a man is going to look attractive and beautiful. Cold weather never stops them going off to walking or going in for sports, boring or lying on the sofa.
   The best way to care for wool is to wash it in cold water with like colors. Comfort and style are the main features of wool hooded sweaters. They may be with pockets, belts, buttons, which are convenient details for women.










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