The Origin of a Hood

   The origin of hooded sweaters refers to the factory employees in 1930 in the city of New York, who were wearing them to work. Later, such clothes were sold to football and track-and-field athletes, for wool or cotton sweaters had been great during exercising. During 70’s, hip-hop music and culture idealized the hooded sweaters that fit the youth very much due to their comfort and practicality. Gradually this piece of clothes was introduced as a part of educational form with certain embroidery which specifies a university or a college. This measure was taken to prevent so-called hysteria of 1990s around this clothing so it was quickly spread among youngsters. The origin of a hood and hooded sweater started in the medieval times of the bliss and the power of the church in the form of monk’s hooded cloak. Later wool hooded clothes were used in the wardrobe of European kings and queens, such as Tudor, until evolved to present-day hats. Then hoods were used by secret organization to cover faces such as famous Ku Klux Klan. Today, hood is still used for secret purposes by some people – criminals may use hoods to cover their faces during robbery, for example. But majority of people admire a wool hooded sweater for its warmth, comfort, and easy fit. Finally, a simple hood gave a history to such famous head pieces such as balaclava, burqini, French hood, Gable hood, and headscarf. Thanks to high comfort today we observe that it is possible to wear wool hooded sweater not only for children under twenty, but also for grown up fashionmongers. The point is to pick the right pair of pants and shoes. There are a great variety of styles and accessories in the shops. Due to easiness in wearing and nice looking hooded sweaters are popular today without any doubt.











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